A New Year, a New Post.

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Hello, gentle readers! A brand new year is upon us, and I spent most of 2010 doing independent projects and freelance work. I am currently looking for full-time employment while still moving forward with some sidework. Most recently, I was contacted to do some graphic work for a charity ball for the Carl Perkins Center in Tennessee. I’ll post some photos when it gets closer to the event. :D


“Cirque du Slay” is a Winner! :D

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My illustration Cirque du Slay won both the Grand Prize and Viewer’s Choice awards at Slayalive.com’s Fanart Contest, judged by Dark Horse Comics artist George Jeanty (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight). He wrote:

GRAND PRIZE: Cirque Du Slay. This was hands down the most creative of the bunch! I love how you did this. It makes me wish I had done a Circus type cover for the series! It’s so obvious! All of the characters are there! For me this one received the award it did because of creativity. We could argue about the likeness, but hey, even in their clothes I could tell who they were.Well done! I hope you’ve chosen a field in the arts because you are really good!”

(Click for full-sized version.)

I’m very happy to have been picked to win, and here’s my prize, a piece of original artwork from the Buffy series written by Joss Whedon and illustrated by Georges Jeanty.


Gainful Employment…

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You’re reading the blog of the new Art Director for Summit-Brantley Building Innovations. I can’t wait to get my business cards. :D Yay for being employed!


Updates and Poster Fun! :D

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Savannadesignsitall.com got a massive update yesterday, so yay! :D

And I thought I’d share my entry for the Shannon Street Blues and Heritage Festival commemorative poster contest. The winners will be announced tomorrow. I hope I win! :D

(Click the little for the full-sized.)


WriterCon 2009 T-Shirt Contest Winner!

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I won the t-shirt design contest for WriterCon 2009! :D
Click here to read more.


Allo Qui!

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This is the first post by me on my brand new blog. I feel pretty exciting about getting out into the big wide world of graphic design. Right now, I’m a freelance illustrator/designer, but I’m looking for permanent employment.

I also need to design a new layout for this blog. :D